Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Male Divine.

My group presented on the Male Divine. I didn’t know much about Male Divines until this assignment. When I thought about who would be considered a Male Divine, I thought of the god Zeus from Greek Mythology. Come to find out, yes, Zeus is in fact a Male Divine. My contribution to the group was to describe and identify Lords of Destruction and the Underworld. I learned many interesting things I never knew. For instance, myths may contradict themselves but they do so intentionally to suggest near universal truths that life, decay, death, and renewal of life follow each other in a never-ending cycle. I’ve thought of this cycle of life before, but I never knew that myths revealed it in this way. Something interesting that someone might not know about Lords of Destruction and the Underworld is that they represent or are held responsible for the things humans fear most like: death, disease, misfortune, and supernatural malevolence. This assignment definitely whet my interest in mythology!

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