Friday, September 10, 2010

Media Technology In The Classroom.

I personally do not like technology, but I do realize that in some instances technology makes things easier, immediate, and more readily available. I will admit that I own a cell phone, a laptop, and an IPod from 2006, but that is the extent of my willingness to submerge myself into the computer age.  I also realize that technology is ever present in our daily lives so there is no way of me escaping its binary wrath. My feelings toward technology probably stem from the fact that I do not understand it, but when I teach I will have to put my personal bias aside because not everyone feels the way I do about technology. Technology in the classroom seems like an irrepressible idea to me considering the world we live in today. In fact, I’m writing this blog entry about media technology in the classroom for one of my classes! I have witnessed both effective and ineffective uses of media technology in the classroom. In high school I enjoyed reading books and then watching their film adaptations. Other students seemed to enjoy this as well, and watching the film helped us as readers gain a better understanding. However, seating 30 high school students in front of a computer of their own and asking them to work productively is ineffective; I think we all know why.

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