Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poems Read in Class.

During the last class meeting, almost the whole class read one of their poems aloud. I’m glad that they volunteered to do so because I was too scared to share one of mine. I also enjoyed hearing the meanings of the poems from the authors themselves. To be honest, I favored some poems over others because they were too, for lack of a better word, “deep.” However, I can say that they were all very creative. Some were very light hearted and some were very emotional. I especially liked Gloria Chamarro’s poem “My World.” When I read the poem the second time, I completely understood the poem and knew that it was about a baby in the womb. The rhyme scheme on the last word of each line made the poem flow, and the fourth stanza was my favorite. It was my favorite stanza because it reminded me of what I’m learning in my linguistics 417 class, about how babies’ heart rates change when they hear their mother’s voice in the womb and how they recognize their prosody and cadence.

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